Diagrama del subjuntivo


This chart presents eight different structures of the Spanish subjunctive. It has all necessary verbs and expressions used for each structure: 20 verbos de influecia, 20 verbos de emoción, 11 verbos de duda y negación, 44 expresiones impersonales, etc. It includes structured sentences for each case, alone with parts of speech.  On the right side, it has all Spanish subjunctive verb endings, its irregular verbs, and all its spelling changes, all in one place!

In addition to the subjunctive topic, you will find on the back side of this chart, a neatly organized diagram of the preterit tense: regular endings and five different groups of the most common irregular verbs of this mood, including the new roots of “los verbos locos”, those monosyllable verbs without accent marks, the       –ir verbs with spelling changes, those –car, –gar, –zar, and the ones with “doble vocal”. There is also a section with the differences between preterit and imperfect tense, as well as the structure of gustar with the pattern of most common verbs that use indirect object pronouns.

Mr. Martinez’s Subjunctive chart was designed to be folded in three different parts, not only to fit in the students’ Spanish binder, but also for the students to practice subjunctive verb endings, irregular verbs, and spelling changes, by just folding back and forth this section of the chart. This chart is made of a resistant laminated glossy paper, with three hole punch, and ready to be used!

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This Power Point begins with a cultural view of the Spanish Subjunctive, and then it takes students in a progressive approach that deals with all kind of details pertinent to those aspects necessary to master this Spanish concept. Students can advance at their own pace, and challenge themselves into more complex forms necessary toward their AP or IB writing essays.

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